Why do you choose Kampari?

Kampari is small-scale and very spacious. All places are surrounded by high beech hedges for your privacy. There is a wide playing field for the children.

Kampari is small-scale

Kampari can be found on a dead-end road in the Frisian Delfstrahuizen. In the middle of the meadows, surrounded by trees, lies our small-scale glamping address. Kampari is attention for yourself, for each other or for others. The two of you on the road, with your family refueling or with a group all attention for each other.

Are you looking for a small campsite without an animation team, disco, restaurant or swimming pool? Then you have come to the right place.

Kampari is peace and space

thanks to the large area of ​​6000 m2 and only 5 safari tents, 1 pipowagen and 2 camping spots give you all the peace and space to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A hopping bunny, quacking frogs and the deafening silence of the Frisian countryside is what you are doing here at night. Just a glass of wine in the hot tub or a good book at the campfire after a wonderful day on the water.

Relax and enjoy the peace!

Kampari is in luxury camping

The luxury tents are fully equipped. Beds made on arrival, fresh bread delivered to the door and doze off in the hammock. Just some holiday moments at Kampari.

Everything has been thought of: heated sanitary with rain shower, a mosquito net for a stray mosquito, even an oven is waiting for you. Good sleep and waking up by whistling birds are important to Kampari. That is why we have opted for really good beds so that you stand up well rested.

Extra: the Kampari hot tub

Pure well-being ... in a lovely warm bath looking at the starry sky together.
The wood-fired hot tub is an experience that you should have done once.

You can reserve the hot tub on site.
Price € 40, - including bathrobes for an evening and a morning.

“A bouncing hare, quacking frogs and in the hottub think what a brilliant suggestion it was to book Kampari. Fantastic location to escape the crowds: a must!”- Anne

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